For Consultation

Proposal for construction of permanent path

The proposal is to construct a permanent path for the complete course. Members who wish to respond to the proposal are asked to send their feedback in writing to the office or via e-mail to [email protected] by 4pm Friday 22nd April. All responses will collated for consideration by Club Council for the meeting on 26th April. The decision whether to proceed with this proposal will lie with the members of Tandragee Golf Club.

IMPORTANT: Members are asked to consult and feedback on this proposal only and not any others that are not currently out for consultation. Large printouts of the plan are available to view in the Clubhouse during the consultation phase.

Phase 1

  • Will provide a continuous path for the winter league course
  • These paths are identified in black on the plan
  • The length involved is approximately 3,200m
  • The path will be 1.5m wide and the stone bed 100mm deep with a light topping of fines
  • The estimated cost for the stone is £9,500 including vat and aggregate tax

Phase 2

  • Covering the rest of our 18 holes is approximately 1,700m
  • Estimated cost for the stone is £5,000


  • It is extremely unlikely that we could afford to engage the services of a specialist contractor to construct this path therefore it will be necessary to enlist the services of volunteers to assist in the required works
  • We will need 3 excavators and as many tractors, trailers and dumpers as we can muster. Obviously we will also need drivers and manual workers
  • It is proposed that if approved by Council and club members the work be completed in summer 2016
  • Project dependent on raising the necessary finance and obtaining the volunteer labour


  • Phase 1 material cost £9,500, Phase 2 material cost £5,000
  • Proposed levy on buggy owners circa £100 per annum over 3yrs
  • Remainder donations from members
  • Members’ voluntary contributions on plant, equipment and labour



  • Give buggy owners continuous access to course
  • Reduce wear and tear on course during inclement weather if trolley users and those carrying golf bags use path
  • Provide greens staff with better access for maintenance in winter
  • Potentially allow ageing members to play golf longer and also remain active members
  • Attract ageing members to join tgc and give us a competitive edge for attracting new members
  • Attract more green fees and increase buggy hire
  • Provide the topsoil to repair the area around the putting green and the area of tree stumps between 17th and 18th holes
  • Provide a stockpile of topsoil for other course improvement
  • If all labour is provided voluntarily, potentially save the members £15-20,000


  • Visually less attractive
  • Interfere with play
  • Increase maintenance costs with wear and wash-out
  • Some younger members may feel that the money should be spent on other course improvements
  • Cost needs to be provided by members as current budget absorbed by annual maintenance and running costs
  • Membership will need to approve expenditure and provide voluntary contributions and equipment/labour

Operational Considerations

  • 90 degree rule will be activated when inclement weather occurs
  • Members who fail to adhere to the rule and damage the course will receive a 1 month buggy suspension
  • If council is unable to identify the culprit a complete ban on buggies will be enforced for 1 month
  • Visiting buggy owners will be obliged to take a gps device which will track their movement. A deposit will be required on the gps device, the amount payable will be relative to its value and a charge to cover our investment will be made
  • All club buggies will have permanent gps device fitted, hopefully this will ensure self-policing