New Online Timesheet System on Trial

Members are being encouraged to register and familiarise themselves with our new online tee time management system.

Once registered you will be kept up-to-date with tee-time news, and have the facility to remove yourself from the timesheet if appropriate. If also registered, your playing partners will be notified if you are not playing and if they are not playing on a given day, you will also be notified. This keeps everyone in the loop with regard to changes.

Your current winter Saturday and Sunday tee-time is pre-programmed into the system and to continue to play at this time you do not need to do anything other than register.

The system is being phased in over the winter period and it would be great if members can register and get used to the system. It is our intention to move to full integration of this system for timesheet management for the season 2014-15.

You can still contact the pro-shop to make changes to your tee time, they too will be operating the system, however if you register and use the system yourself, you reduce the administration burden on Dympna and Angela!

It’s very much a learning curve for us all, so please be patient while we are in this initial trial period.

You can register and use the system here