New Year Bonus – 400 Club

December Draw Result £10,000 Winner!

Congratulations to Judith Latimer whose ticket was pulled from the hat on New Year’s Eve. Judith wins the big £10,000 prize from this year’s 400 Club draw. Derek Poole was the seller of the winning ticket – he’ll be due some commission on that!

There’s plenty more prizes on offer for ticket holders in 2012 with cash prizes totalling £4,000 still to be distributed. This month’s cash prizes will be £650, £250 & £100 and we also have 2 more holiday break prizes coming up in February and April.

Finally, as a New Year bonus to all ticket holders we are delighted to announce that the validity of all Green Fee vouchers associated with 400 Club Tickets has been extended from 31st March until 29th June 2012, ensuring you have plenty of good weather opportunities to use them!

We thank you for your support, good luck in the 2012 draws!