Putting Green Project – Update

The cutting and removal of the large trees situated on the car park and machine shed side of the putting green has already been completed. Member Brian Gilpin, who is a tree surgeon, is in charge of the operation, assisted by Captain Hammy and his merry band of volunteers. Brian has a staggering array of chainsaws and ancillary equipment along with a shredder and tipper truck which were worked to capacity, coping with branches and debris loaded by the volunteer workforce; the work was conducted over 3 very long working days in weather that will probably prove to be the hottest of the year! The chain sawing, branch removal and shredding was a massive undertaking, complicated by the proximity of the putting green, the greenkeeper’s work area and the water storage reservoir and also the Clubhouse.

Due to the height and location of the trees, Brian had to ascend each tree and take them down a ring at a time to avoid causing damage to the environs. The Club’s thanks and gratitude go to Brian for a job well done: it was exhausting witnessing the undertaking from the sidelines. Over the next few days it is proposed to move the rings, trunks and branches into stacks, ready for pick-up by those members who have requested the purchase of same.

The Captain has informed me that the removal of the tree stumps along the 17th fairway and 18th tee box area is due to start towards the latter part of this week. Again, Brian Gilpin will be involved as he has experience of using the hired stump grinder. Brian was at the controls of the 2 ton stump grinder and he demonstrated the action and power of the machine. When he attacked the stump at the 3rd hole green-side bunker and the cherry tree stump at the 1st tee box pagoda it was a revelation. By using this piece of equipment it minimises the damage and disturbance to that area. The owners of this magnificent piece of equipment are keen to have a video taken and photographs of it at work for demonstration purposes; we wish to do this for them and hopefully they will be generous to us in the circumstances.

A lot has already happened, with more planned improvements to our course. Captain Hammy has instigated these improvements and made them possible. Thank you to everyone who has applied for the trees and to those who have helped in any way.

Malcolm Lynch.