Tandragee Telegraph Edition 1

As you can see our newsletter has a new name! The Tandragee Telegraph will be published fortnightly throughout 2011 and will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and views at Tandragee Golf Club.

Quote of the Day!
Bob Hope – “If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.”

Headline News – New Member Categories!
We are delighted to announce the following new membership categories and fantastic rates for young golfers!

18+ yrs £145 (renamed category)
19-25 yrs £195
26-30 yrs £380

We would encourage all our members, young and not so, to spread the word amongst their family, friends and work colleagues. We would love to see new members join us and take advantage of these new and exciting offers! For more information and application forms contact Ashley in the office on 02838 841 272 or e-mail [email protected]

New Members Welcome
While on the subject of new members, we would like to welcome the following people to Tandragee Golf Club – John Whitten (Scarva), Richard Whitten (Banbridge), Eugene Maguire (Poyntzpass), Stephen Wright (Portadown), Gareth Martin (Banbridge), Tony Walsh (Banbridge), Neil Diamond (Banbridge), Michael Jardine (Banbridge), Ally McKenzie (Bessbrook), Jack Dolaghan (Katesbridge) and Tom Dolaghan (Katesbridge). 

AGM Thanks
A big thank you to all the members who attended and participated in this year’s AGM. The large turnout, lively debate and subsequent decisions showed that we have a dedicated membership and that Tandragee Golf Club is moving forward in these challenging economic times.

Course Report
Head Green Keeper Eugene Weir is very happy with the current state of the course. It has held up well to all the elements thrown at it.  The greens are in good shape for this time of year. Our work load for the next few weeks will include preparing the course for season ahead. Painting course furniture etc. We are presently cutting trees down at left of 7th fairway and at the rear of 11th tee box. This will allow this area to dry up. Next we plan to remove trees at left of 18th tee. Just on that, the trees that have been felled are for sale. It is preferred if they can be sold in one lot. All greens will be hollow cored and top dressed in middle of March.

Bar & Bistro Nineteen
This weekend the Valentines Day cruise sets sail! If you haven’t already seen the notices, Bistro Nineteen chef Gary Gamble has prepared a spectacular 6 course menu for the weekend. Join the cruise at 8pm on Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th and Monday 14th February by booking now on 02838 841 272

Dympna’s Professional Prescription – Golf is a CONTACT sport!
The result of every swing depends on just 3 points of contact:

Your Glove: – Worn down, too big or too small? Replace it and you can save shots
Your Grips: – Worn down, too big or too small? Replace them and you can save shots
Your Shoes: – Spikes worn down? Adding traction means adding control

Do yourself a favour; right now and take a real close look at the state of your glove, your grips and the condition of your shoes’ spikes.  If they’re worn or damaged, you’re lessening your ability to deliver the clubhead to impact square – either because you’re lacking balance or control – and that means shots are being wasted.

Make next month an “M.O.T” month and make sure your equipment is ‘roadworthy’ for the coming season; just pop into the shop if you need to find yourself some replacement parts!

That’s it for this edition, if you’re playing this week – good luck!