Ulster Carpets Johnston Shield 2016

This ever popular Fourball competiton begins this Saturday. If you have not played before get a parnter and give it a try.

Each week there will be 3 nett prizes and prizes for the top two positions at the end of the qualifying period.

The Johnston Shield will be played as “Fourball Better Ball Stableford” for the qualifying period. The qualifying period will run for 6 weeks commencing (this) Saturday 9th January 2016 and finishing on Friday 19th February 2016. The entry fee will be £20 per pair.

The competition shall be played over the 12 hole winter course. Each player will receive 1/2 Handicap allowance. The best 5 from 6 cards total will determine which pairs will go through to the matchplay stage. The match and handicap committee have decided that 48 pairs will enter the matchplay stage, with the top 16 qualifiers receiving a bye into the 2nd round.

Ties at the completion of the qualifying period shall be broken by taking the best of the worst counting weekly score. Should pairs still be tied, the best of the worst 2 counting scores shall be taken and so on until the tie is broken.

Players are permitted to choose any day they wish on which to return their weekly score, but they must enter their names in the relevant entry sheet in the pro shop before commencing play. Scores must be returned on a stamped and dated green coloured winter score card.

It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that their cards have been correctly completed, having the correct handicaps displayed, are signed and countersigned before being returned into the WHITE competitions box in the male locker room.

In order to minimise the loss of days etc the M & H Committee reserve the right to alter the order of play, position of pins and tees etc as is necessary at any time during the competition.

Many thanks to Ulster Carpets for their continued support for the Shield again this year.